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Fishing in Barnegat Light

An Insiders Guide to Fishing in Barnegat Light

Barnegat Light offers many opportunities to connect with its surroundings. Whether it be a relaxing day at the beach, sightseeing, or a great dinner, the northern most town of LBI can satisfy any and all of your needs.

If getting outdoors is what you seek, then Barnegat Light offers some great locations for fishing. Depending on time of year, baits and gear will vary. There are many local bait and tackle shops that will be happy to get the items you need and try their best to get your rod to bend!

Barnegat Light (Bay side)

There are several areas that offer fishing on the bay side of the island. Kids can enjoy catching snapper blues, blowfish, and fluke during summer months.

Barnegat Light Beaches (Surf fishing)

Barnegat Light offers some great surf fishing with ample opportunities to catch a variety of fish species. Trophy striped bass are landed during both fall and spring months. Bluefish are also targeted in the surf during several periods of time throughout the year.

During the summer months you can have fun targeting fluke and kingfish from the surf. The farther north you venture the wider the beaches will be so keep that in mind. Any street can hold fish but looking for faster moving water and deeper pockets of water will elevate your chances for success.

Barnegat Inlet/Jetty

Aside from the bay and its stretch of ocean waters, Barnegat Light offers something unique; the Barnegat Inlet. This is a fisherman’s oasis. With fast currents and deep pockets of water, the inlet offers shelter to all of New Jersey’s trophy fish.

Whether you are an avid fisherman or just want to spend a day out with friends and family, you are able to do it right there on the jetty. Fishing can be productive throughout the course of the year. Striped bass, fluke, bluefish, and tog are among the most sought after game fish in the inlet.
Fish can be caught on either side of the lighthouse depending on conditions. There is a walkway that allows fishing access as well as a place to keep secure footing. For those “rock hoppers” please make sure to wear the proper footwear, such as Korkers or felt bottom boots to ensure safety on the wet slippery rocks.

So no matter where you end up making some casts, always remember to be safe and have fun. Another important thing to remember is to always take anything you bring. It is all of our jobs to keep our beaches and waters clean for the future generations to enjoy it the way we are privileged enough to.

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